About Jess and Kara

Co-founders, Confidence Cheerleaders

Hello, beautiful souls!

We’re Jess and Kara, and we are delighted you are here! We are here to help you build and maintain self-confidence so that you can embrace change and turn adversity into possibility.

We will help you to break free from the prison of fear, self-doubt, and insecurity so that you can feel better about yourself and embrace everything life has to offer! You’ll experience less stress, more calm, and greater happiness.

We are your coach and mentor

Our life’s calling is to help you build unshakable self-confidence, no matter what happens in your life. Our teachings are a culmination of our life’s experiences, studies, and real-world trials and tribulations. We’ve been through a lot. We’ve experienced insecurity, loneliness, anxiety, depression, sadness, and shame due to divorce, tragic deaths of loved ones, and abuse.

We all need support – someone who believes in us even when we can’t believe in ourselves.

We all need support – someone who believes in us even when we can’t believe in ourselves.

We've been there

Like countless others, we were suffering from an identity crisis! Both of us were in our 40’s, divorced and alone as we struggled in the wake of a global pandemic. As if that wasn’t enough, we also felt undervalued and overlooked at our corporate jobs. We no longer felt the passion for work and life that we once had. Something needed to change, but we were crippled by self-doubt and fear.

Through our shared experience, knowledge, and mutual support for each other, we transformed our mindsets and rekindled hope to experience joy and follow our dreams. We discovered a passion to help others like you face uncertainty and crisis with confidence and hope.

Today, what we’ve learned serves us in serving you. Every day, we’re privileged to fulfill our calling by using our skills and gifts to teach you how to master your confidence, self-worth, mindset, and well-being. We’re at our best when we meet you where you are in your journey and support and inspire your life so that you flourish.

We owe it to you

Our experience has taught us that the world is in crisis right now. Many people are suffering from a major identity crisis and asking "Who am I really and why am I here?" We see it every day in our friends, co-workers, and families. Feelings of anxiousness, depression and burnout seem like they are here to stay. Mental and physical health is compromised, and a yearning for a happier life is at the forefront. It is our mission to provide powerful, evidence-based techniques to help you harness your authentic confidence on mind, body and spirit levels.


You are WORTHY, and you deserve to live a happy life! And that’s why we’re here to help you become who you are meant to be right NOW, not someday! Regardless of what you’ve been told or where you are right now, you have the potential to blossom into a strong, confident person to live a life you love! We’re here for YOU and will show you the way.

Kara, The Coach

My calling is to support you in increasing your confidence so that you can find joy and calm in your life. I listen, inspire, and hold space for your personal empowerment and growth.

I have worked in professional development and adult learning for over 20 years and trained, coached, and mentored thousands of corporate leaders to increase their influence and efficacy. I hold a Master’s of Science degree in Communication from Minnesota State University and am a Certified Professional in Talent Management.

I understand the pressures of feeling the need for perfectionism, feeling insecure, and the fear of failure, especially working in the corporate world. I also know how to navigate the pain and suffering that transitions and unwanted change in life brings. I’m excited to teach you proven techniques that will also help you through your pain.

Jess, The Mentor

My calling is to help you unravel your self-limiting beliefs and believe in yourself so that you can reach true fulfillment. I help people like you tap into unshakable self-love and confidence through meaningful action to create results.

I know what it feels like to be an outsider or “black sheep”; never feeling like I fit in. For most of my life, I wanted to feel like I belonged in this world. I wanted to know how to live a meaningful life that resonated with my innermost being, so I set out to create a life on MY terms.

For the last 25+ years, I have pursued endless spiritual, creative, and self-growth avenues. At last, I have found my place as a mentor, a teacher, an artist, and an entrepreneur.

I am committed to sharing the very best of what I've learned and lived so that I can help you feel confident and at home in your life.

Our Promise to You

We are dedicated to teaching you how to build your confidence and empower you to transform adversity into possibility by providing inspiration, support, resources, and proven techniques so you can love yourself and thrive in life NO MATTER WHAT!

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Together, we have a diverse set of skills and experiences.
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We are here to support you – we believe in you even when you may not believe in yourself.

Ready to silence self-doubt and build your confidence?

Start by downloading your FREE self-care plan.