March 21


Self-Love Vision Board: A Powerful Way to Embrace a Loving Relationship with Yourself

Love is essential to our human experience. Cultivating and nurturing positive relationships is also vital to living a happy life. Studies have shown that having positive and loving relationships helps fight anxiety and depression. It reduces stress, is vital to our overall well-being, and it attributes to our happiness.

We cannot receive happiness from others – we have to own our happiness from within. We need to be intentional about loving ourselves first and foremost.

Self-love is a deep love, appreciation, and respect for yourself. It’s about embracing yourself, flaws and all, and celebrating your strengths. It’s about having confidence in your capabilities and attributes.

How intentional have you been about giving yourself the love and care you need and deserve so that you can also love others?

The most powerful first step to embracing a relationship with yourself is to create a clear vision of love. Close your eyes and imagine what true love feels like. What emotions come up for you? Invite feelings of strength and confidence. How does it feel to love yourself unconditionally?


An effective tool to manifest the feeling of love is by creating a Self-Love Vision Board. A Vision Board is a visual collage of images and words that represent your goals and dreams. It’s a visual reminder of who you want to be. The purpose of the self-love vision board is to help you clarify the feeling of self-love through visual imagery and affirmations.

Start your Self-Love Vision Board by writing a Love Letter to yourself and then find images and words that will help you embody all that is your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Get started by downloading this free Self-Love Vision Board Starter Kit.

Love is an action and it’s a choice. You can choose to love yourself or not. It’s a decision we must make, even when we don’t feel like it. We can choose to love ourselves even when we’ve made a mistake, failed, or been rejected. Yes, loving yourself is not always easy. It takes practice, intention and a clear vision.

In order to build confidence, find true happiness and joy, it’s critical to develop a strong sense of self-love; and it’s fun!

Challenge yourself to be intentional and clear about giving yourself the love and care you need and deserve!

Jess & Kara

Our life’s calling is to help you increase your confidence. It is a culmination of our life experiences, study, and real-world trials and tribulations. We are dedicated to teaching you how to build your confidence and empower you by providing inspiration, support, resources, and proven techniques so that you can feel better about yourself and create a life that truly embodies your unique greatness.


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